What’s New at Bodog?

What’s New at Bodog?

Bodog has developed huge amounts at a time since showing up on the web based gaming scene in 2000. After seventeen years, there’s still continuously something new   ufabet99th  occurring, so it’s really smart to inquire consistently. Here are the absolute most up to date advancements you can anticipate on your following visit.

The New Tri-Card Poker

On the off chance that you’ve been partaking in the modernized formats for games like Blackjack, Craps and Keno, you’ll cherish the New Tri-Card Poker. The principles are equivalent to Classic Tri-Card Poker (which is as yet accessible for old-school fans), yet the most recent form accompanies a smoothed out format and rearranged interactivity, in addition to upgraded player controls for foundation sound and music.

Tri-Card Poker is one of the simplest table games at Bodog, so in the event that you haven’t gotten an opportunity to evaluate the new configuration, this is the best spot to begin. Simply place your bet, get three cards, and Raise on the off chance that you like your hand (Tip: Queen-Six-Four or better is ideal). You can likewise make the Pair Plus side bet for an even lower house edge and payouts as high as 40:1.

New Mobile Slots

Eventually not very far in the past, portable took over from work area as the world’s favored gaming stage. Bodog is exceptionally satisfied to acquaint two new games with our versatile spaces arrangement: Chariots of Fire and Dollars to Donuts. Chariots of Fire is the most recent Roman-themed opening, highlighting magnificent designs and sound. Dollars to Donuts has an all the more carefree touch, taking the basic three-reel, one-payline configuration and transforming it into tasty baked good – sprinkles included.

New Bodog Rewards Program

Now is the right time to step up with Bodog’s new devotion program. Never again do you need to stress over losing your status; play as frequently as you like, and you won’t ever have your status downsized in view of inertia. You can likewise trade out your Bodog Points whenever you need, utilizing the new Rewards Portal to assist you with following along. You’ll acquire Bodog Points for each gambling club game you play, in addition to each game bet you make. Furthermore you’ll procure a Cashback Bonus that beginnings at 5% and develops to 15% as you climb in status from Original to Elite. Look at the subtleties here and begin gathering your Bodog Points today.
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