Huiswerk voor een speurder (Inspector Wexford, #7) Ruth Rendell




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Huiswerk voor een speurder (Inspector Wexford, #7)  by  Ruth Rendell

Huiswerk voor een speurder (Inspector Wexford, #7) by Ruth Rendell
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One of Rendells better Inspector Wexford mysteries. Set in London, among the back streets, small vendors, dilapidated mansions divided into smaller flats, and an old cemetery, AND a mausoleum, it doesnt get much better for a Wexford-mystery.There is no Mike Burden here- however, Wexford has to deal with a different Mike, who is just as arrogant and self-sure as Burden, though at least Burden respects the man he works for.The basic story is thus: Wexford, on vacation in London due to health issues, is staying with a nephew who just so happens to be a police superintendent himself.

At first no mention of police matters is allowed, according to Wexfords physician and family. (Hes on a break!) But try telling a man like Reg Wexford to stay out of an investigation involving a young woman found dead in a mausoleum in an historic, but ruined cemetery. Thats like putting the cows out to pasture and telling them not to chew their cud.

You just cannae do it!Any mystery reader worth their salt might figure this one out early- I did, mostly, because there are some tropes here and obvious red herrings. However, this did nothing to spoil the actual reading of the story. I loved seeing Wexford in a new and almost alien environment - for him - and see him get bossed about and bullied a bit by the London officers on the case. There were surprises, too, as the murdered girls odd life is slowly revealed.I also enjoyed the older generations reaction to how young people were living such mixed-up and undisciplined lives.

(The novels first publication was 1972.) Those same young people, described so vividly by Rendell, are now my age and possibly older. (And complaining quite often about the young of today!) Some things never change.One of my fav. Wexford novels. :)

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